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September 12, 2012
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Germany was sitting by the river watching Italy attempt to catch Japan in the water. You approached him slowly and sat beside him.

"Hello Germany." You murmured. You knew he hated it when you didn't speak up, but you couldn't help it sometimes, it was who you are. Ok, so you're not like other people, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't hurt to be quiet sometimes right?
"Hallo ____" Germany's accent was still as vivid as the day you had met him, and it still startled you. You had been working under Germany's rule for just about a year now and you had loved him since the day you met him. This was part of the reason that you had lost the war to him. You weren't a small country but you weren't too big either. You had been mesmerised by Germany that you pretty much automatically surrendered. He was just so…
"How are you?" You spoke a little louder, your native language showing its head.
"I'm not too gut… I'm stressed…" You often saw Germany like this and somehow never managed to let it get to you, but this time it seemed worse, you knew you had to do something about it.
"W-would you like me to give you a backrub?" You said, your face lighting up bright red. Why did you say that? So stupid, he's never going to say yes…
"I think that'd be nice." He turned away not facing you, so you couldn't tell if he was excited about it or nervous or what. But he had said yes so that was good right?
"Do you want It here or do you want to go somewhere a little more private?" What the heck were you saying? Taking Germany somewhere private and giving him a back massage, gosh he's going to thing you're perverted. You weren't like France so what was going on?!
"I think we should go somewhere else, I've had enough of watching Italy and japan. It's doing my head in to be honest." The tall German man got up and started walking towards his small cabin. You watched his tight white singlet cling to his muscles, why was he so damn attractive?

You two went inside the cabin and Germany lay down on the bed, stomach down. You sat beside him and asked politely "Is it ok if you take your shirt off?" While having you sit there blushing madly, he slowly removed the white singlet revealing his handsome six pack. You couldn't help but look, but not for too long, you pulled yourself away after a while.

At first you was beside him, massaging his back slowly and softly.

"You can sit on me if you need to and feel free to be a little more rough…" He murmured, was he hinting at something or was it your imagination running wild again. You got up and sat on his lower back and felt how tight his bum was. You blushed more as you massaged his back with a little more strength.

You heard a small moan come from the Germans mouth. You paused for a moment as he began to move, he completely flippen himself over to you were sitting on his lap looking down at him, his bright blue eyes staring back at your (e/c) ones. You blushed madly as you could feel is legth rubbing against your nether regions.

"____" Germany spoke softly. "Can I tell you something?"
"S-sure" You stuttered, wondering what he could possibly say to you.
"Ich liebe dich." He said plainly, you blushed madly hearing his native tongue. You leaned down and hugged him tightly.
"Ich liebe dich, ach" you fumbled on your words a little, your german wasn't as good as his was but you still tried.
"It's 'auch' but I get what you're trying to say." He paused and flipped you both over so he was now on top. "Unfortunately for you, having you give me that back rub, actually, uhh, turned me on a bitt…"
"huh? R-really?" You stuttered, what was coming over Germany? He was never like this?
"Ja, I'm sorry but, I just cant help myself…" He said running his hands up your skirt to your slightly wet panties. You couldn't help but give in to him, after all you had loved him for how long?
"I-its fine…" You mewled as he slipped two fingers inside of you, pumping slowly at first. After you have began to moan louder, he pumped faster and faster until you couldn't take it anymore. You tried holding back a scream.
Germany kissed you deeply, continuing to pump his fingers inside of you. The sensation overwhelming you and you hit your climax. Unfortunately for German you hadn't done much with guys, but as far as you have gone, Germany was the best so far.

He stopped and looked at you. "Sorry, I shouldn't have forced zis on you." She blushed and held you.
"It's fine… I am glad you did" you blushed a lot and held him back.
"Ja." He said simply.
"Of course, I have loved you for so long… I was actually going to ask you out…"

He pulled away from you and kissed you deeply. It seemed as if this was going to happen a lot from now on, and you tell you the truth, you didn't mind. Having a handsome German man wanting to please you was the least of your worries~
Just a little something for :iconnamihatake6:

I'm sorry it sucks, school has been so busy lately and gah! I lack inspiration.... Sorry -.-
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