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March 1, 2012
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As you walked you became more and more nervous after every step, you felt as if everyone was looking at you, Kakashi and you had decided to meet at the office and take different routes. You kind of wished he was there to tell you everything was going to be ok. You heard footsteps behind you and then felt a sudden chill down your spine.

"_____!!!!! Where are you going?" It was that yellow haired ninja Naruto, he annoyed you but he had his moments, unfortunately this wasn't one of them.
"None of your business." You said softly
"Tell me 'attebayo!" Gosh he was a pest
"Im going to the Hokage's office." You sighed
"Oh really why!?" He said
"I'm going to…." You paused, should I tell him… No, no Kakashi wouldn't want that. "Tell her about some… Special Intel I found." You lied; you thought it wasn't really lying just more of a stretch of the truth.

"Oh, you have to tell me!" Gosh why was he so freaking stuborn!
"Yes." He replied quickly.
"Yes" You tried tricking him
"No" and it worked.
"Ok I wont tell you then~" You said playfully
"Damn you ____, I'll find out through Kakashi, he tells me everything!" He said. 'How did he know? Did Kakashi really tell him everything? I wonder if Naruto already knew? Gosh, I have to find Kakashi' You thought to yourself.

Naruto then walked off with a little bit of a slump, you continued walking to go and meet up with Kakashi, getting ever more nervous with every step. You began to run faster and suddenly you broke into a sprint, you didn't know why but you did. After a few minutes of running you met up with Kakashi out the front of the Hokage's office. Your face was red and you were breathing heavily.
"Are you alright ___?" Kakashi said looking at you, his eye filled with concern. You nodded and caught your breath.
"Are you ready." You said looking at the door that stood between you and your confession. Kakashi grabbed your hand and you looked up to him and smiled. "Lets go."

You stood in the middle of the room looking at Lady Tsunade. She was facing the other way her hands on her temples. You coughed to get her attention and she turned her chair around not looking up.
"What is it?" She said in her normal husky tone.
"We have something we need to tell you." Kakashi said confidently but you could feel his palms begin to sweat.
"What is it?" Tsunade replied impatiently.
"Look up" You say softly.
"Ok-" She looked at your hands tightly attached to Kakashi's and she frowned "Really. Is that so." She said going back to rubbing her temples "Does anyone else know about this?"
"No, not that we are aware of." Kakashi said his hands still clenching yours.
"Ok, what do YOU think you should do"
"I don't have an issue with telling people, I mean I love her…" He said looking at you and smiling "But if ____ doesn't want to then we won't tell and it can be our little secret." He smirked at you
"I am fine with telling people, although 'our little secret' does sound tempting" You said smiling
"Then, go tell whoever you want, but you have to suffer the consequences if any. I'm glad you found each other and I wish you the best. Now, if you don't mind I have a lot of work to catch up on"
"Thank you Lady Tsunade" You and Kakashi said before leaving.

~Moments later~
You and Kakashi were walking hand in hand through Konoha; you could feel everyone's gaze upon you as you walked past. Your face began to go red.
"It's alright, I'm here ____." Kakashi said before hugging you, you hugged back softly and began walking again until you reached 'Ichiraku Ramen'.
"Kaka-"Naruto said before seeing your hands. "You guys are…" He pointed at both of you with a shocked look upon his face. He then stood up and hugged you both yelling "Congratulations" but you could tell something was wrong by the sound of his voice.
"Who wants Ramen?" Kakashi then said looking at the both of you
"Is it your shout?" Naruto asked curiously and Kakashi just nodded. "WOOOTTTT!" yelled Naruto.

You all sat down, Kakashi in between you two. The conversation was all centred on you and Kakashi; you were getting tired of it and often tried changing the conversation topic. Kakashi must have sensed this because he said simply "So, heard anything about Sasuke?" Kakashi knew Naruto would react to this topic, it as Naruto's one weakness. Naruto shut up and began eating his Ramen once again.

You finished your Ramen and looked up at Kakashi, he was staring adoringly at you, and he grabbed your hand and began drawing circles on it with his thumb. Naruto and you exchanged glances, he was looking more and more uncomfortable by the minute.
"I-I, I have to go…" He said before running out crying, you ran after him telling Kakashi to wait.

~~~To be continued~~~
This is chapter 4 guys~ Enjoy!!!

Chptr 1: [link]
Chptr 2: [link]
Chptr 3: [link]
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