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November 20, 2012
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((I know I haven't posted in a while, please enjoy. Also let me know If I made any mistakes~))

Relationship after tedious relationship. Nothing ever seemed to go right for you in a relationship. The men you fell in love with always seemed to leave you behind, in their ever darkening shadows. It sickened you to know that you had given everything, time and time again, to men who would never give you a second thought. You had made up your mind 3 years ago, to never again, share yourself with another. Your last boyfriend cheated on you, you had decided he was 'The One' and had gone all the way with him. What a tragic mistake. Three days after, he broke up with you to date some younger, beautiful girl. Oh well. Men are all the same.

This is all you ever thought. You had to clear your head, get all of these morbid thoughts out of your otherwise happy mind. A walk would suffice. You grabbed your coat and walked out the door, heading to the lake by your house. The sun was just beginning to fall, and the sky was lit with a vivid orange. There were a few scattered clouds that glowed with the light of the sun. It was so beautiful today, more so than usual. This caused a brief smile to spread across your face.

You decided you had walked for long enough, taking a seat on the waters' edge, dangling your feat in the clear lake. The last of the sun reflected in the perfectly still water, the last of the clouds blowing away with the wind. You lay back on the soft grass, looking up into the darkening sky. The stars were just peeking their heads through the blanket of light. You smiled softly at your own thoughts, wondering what it would be like to look down on the ever changing Earth, watching the waters rise and fall. The mountains shrink and volcanoes errupt. Wondering what it would be like to watch a storm form and then disappear in a matter of seconds. How beautiful would it be to watch the dance of the Earth?

You were taken from your tranquil thoughts by a mans' voice coming from nearby. By the sound of it, he was British. You sat up, hoping to get a glimpse of the person who so rudely interrupted your thoughts. There he stood, tall and handsome. A thick browed, green eyed, shaggy haired man; who was looking directly at you. You couldn't help but stare as he slowly approached you.

"'Ello there." He said softly, as though he understood that you wanted your peace and quiet.

"Hello…." You replied, attempting to at least make some conversation, seeing as he had bothered to approach you.

"Lovely evening isn't it?" He smiled at the sky, then turning to you, waiting for a reply. You simply nodded, looking longingly out into the sky. "My apologies, I guess I interrupted your thoughts."

"Yeah, doesn't matter. It wasn't anything important, nor possible." You said stubbornly.
"What were you thinking?" He asked curiously. He tilted his head slightly to the side.

"Oh, just what it would be like to look to the Earth from among the stars." You lay back down, once again mingling with your thoughts.

"Ahh, that would be wonderful~" He followed suit and lay down beside you.

"So why are you here?" You finally asked, the question playing on your mind for a while now.
"Oh, I was in need of some relaxation, and what better way to relax by the lake? Don't you agree?"
He smiled at you, his green eyes lit up by the last rays of light from the sun.

"Yeah, that's exactly why I'm here, I got sick of being cooped up in my house. I was getting bored." You looked out into the sky once more your (h/c) falling in amongst the grass.

The two of you sat silently in each other's company. Although it was nice to be near someone after so long, you really felt uncomfortable. You had come out here to be alone with your thoughts and now some guy was lying beside you, with who knows what as his motivation.

"By the way, my name is Arthur, Arthur Kirkland." He said, sitting up, holding out his hand to you, gesturing for you to shake it. You sat up, doing as previously mentioned.

"I'm ______ _____"

"It's a pleasure to meet you dear~" Dear? DEAR? Who did he think he was calling you 'dear'. He acts like your grandfather. He was far too kind for someone to just sit beside you and talk about the sky.
He had to have some kind of alternate motive. Maybe he was a mass murderer? Or a rapist? You looked at him angrily. "What's wrong love?" LOVE!? Seriously, what a weirdo.

"What do you want with me?" you asked him, not breaking eye contact. He looked a little hurt. You could tell that he knew what you were thinking, but he didn't understand why.

"I just wanted to have a chat with someone who appreciated the beauty of this place, and you seemed like the type. I'm sorry; I was just trying to be gentle man." He said, looking down at his shiny black shoes. He fiddles with the grass around him.

"I don't need a gentleman, what I need is to be alone with my thoughts." You said, before getting up and walking away. You didn't need another guy to act like he wanted to know you, just to end up being used. This is how it always started with all of the past boys you fell in love with. They befriended you, said they loved you and then left. They ALWAYS left. Always. You hadn't made it 5 metres before you heard him calling out to you.

"Wait!  _____!" He yelled, running after you. "I'm sorry!" He said, finally catching up to you, he grabbed you by the wrist, stopping you in your tracks. "I didn't mean to come off so informal. I…" He stopped talking. "I saw you sitting by the water, lost in your thoughts… I thought you looked beautiful the way the light simply bounced off you. I couldn't help but want to talk to you… I understand that you were freaked out… I'm truly sorry." Arthur said bowing and letting go of you.

"I don't need another 'gentleman'." You said, making quotation marks with your hands. You looked at him in the eyes. "The last thing I need is another guy, or person rather, to love me then leave me." You yelled, remembering how your friend had abandoned you and ran off with the ex before the one who cheated on you. She had no consideration for your feelings, nor did he. "I do NOT need some random English guy to come up at start a conversation with me, in order to get into my pants!" You said before turning and walking away, leaving him standing in the streetlight. Sure you felt a little bad, but you really didn't need this. It had been so long since you had been close to anyone, why start now?

To be continued....
This is the first story I have written in a while, I really hope you enjoy it.

Please comment!

Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter3: [link]
All copyright rights .... blah blah blah.....
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